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I have an extensive background throughout the financial spectrum with high-level experience on the sell-side, high-net worth private banking/advisor, portfolio management, international finance, public pensions, VC, PE, and economics.


The two links at the bottom, “A Businesses’ Greatest Costs are Intangible in Nature” and “Why Of Course! However, there is a Catch…22” highlight the purpose of International Capital Markets:

1) For clients, focus on the intangible costs and Catch 22’s which are very difficult to quantify/identify as they are typically qualitative in nature, but the most important as they can increase and/or decrease both revenue and costs simultaneously.

2) For clients, quantify the intangible costs and Catch 22’s through their opportunity costs while focusing on identifying the right models to fit the problem that can lead to an effective course of action (including inaction), solution, and/or optionality, while leveraging my network to make deals and/or provide suitable referrals.

3) For clients, provide an understanding of the manner in which I “fit models to problems, not problems in models” to 1. Increase revenue, 2. Decrease costs, 3. Increase revenue and decrease costs, and/or 4. Avoid cascading losses by emphasizing my portfolio of essays, analyses, predictive models and solutions.

Please 1) Send me details of any project and I will be in contact, 2) Subscribe for select analyses, essays, predictive models (R&D), 3) Offer to purchase the entire R&D portfolio, or 4) Form a co-founder/investment consortium for portfolio of blueprint business models.

https:// internationalcapitalmarkets.org/2019/09/07/a-businesses-greatest-costs-are-intangible/

A Businesses’ Greatest Costs are Intangible in Nature https://internationalcapitalmarkets.org/2019/09/07/a-businesses-greatest-costs-are-intangible/ via @Diamond1_CEO

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