🔺Scaling, Perspective, and World Trade Organization Importance

Perspective is very important. However, if you ever studied fractal geometry, you realize quite quickly that perspective at times is one and the same. Fractal geometry shows that at various scales (big and small), you can’t tell the difference because the dynamics are the same. This is unique because I typically prefer a top-down perspective versus bottoms-up as a result of the fallacy of composition. But, fractal geometry offers a different perspective on that composition which I find fascinating.

When comparing the fallacy of composition and fractal geometry, it’s important to not make the two compete as they are distinct and offer their own unique perspectives. The primary reason I prefer top-down analyses versus bottoms-up is because what happens on a micro scale is not always best on a macro scale. Granted, that micro scale can always become a macro scale if permitted under various conditions.

Given the above, I was thinking about the current situation facing the World Trade Organization (WTO). On a micro level scale, arbiters make sure the playing field is fair and equitable. The United States tries to make sure that companies do not have monopoly status whereby they can continuously overcharge customers, etc. On a larger scale, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is an arbiter that makes sure that trade is fair and equitable among countries that meet the guidlines within the WTO. In many ways the scaling from arbiter of what’s fair and equitable, to the United States, to the World Trade Organization is fractal in nature.

As globalization, trade, and interconnectedness has increased, naturally a larger body has formed to make sure global trade is fair and equitable among all parties involved. Should the WTO no longer exist, each country will have to dispute claims amongst themselves directly. This will be more difficult in an environment of increased nationalization, xenophobia, and protectionism. Absent the WTO and in an environment of pure protectionism among all countries, trade will grind to a halt or conflicts will likely increase without an arbiter to make sure trade is fair and equitable.

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