🔺The 3 Ways To Extract Money from/7 Key Fundamentals of the Property Markets and Underpinnings of 2007-2008 Housing Crisis

In its simplest form, there are only three fundamental ways to extract money from the property markets: 1. Sell, 2. Rent, or 3. Borrowing against the Equity. Those fundamentals are largely driven by seven key fundamentals: 1. Demographics, 2. Household Formation Rates, 3. Rising Incomes, 4. Zoning Policies, 5. Immigration, 6. Foreign Capital and 7. Underwriting Standards. Those seven fundamentals largely drive supply and demand for property. But, the 2007-2008 housing crisis led many to believe that financial engineering and securitization obviated those principles, which was untrue. While not the primary cause per se, it was one of the leading factors to the 2007-2008 financial crisis discussed below.

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